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“Developing Resources for the Diagnostic World” Welcome to AIMs Career Page!

If you are interested in learning more about working at AIM and what we have to offer, you are in the right place. On this page, you can learn about us, what it’s like to work at AIM and what we look for in candidates. And, you will be able to apply for positions.​


Who We Are

AIM provides extraordinary diagnostic imaging solutions to a wide range of patient care providers. Our client base includes, large urban hospitals, rural hospitals, imaging centers and physicians. From MRI to ultrasound, mobile or fixed, we can deliver the most robust solutions for the most challenging needs.

Why Work at AIM?

At AIM, we help healthcare providers deliver the best radiological solution to their patients while ensuring cost ­effectiveness. We are in a unique industry that due to constant technological innovation, and an aging population, the opportunities for growth are substantial.


The solutions we provide our clients, and the patients they serve too makes a real difference. At the end of the day, we help healthcare providers identify and quantify diseases so they can effectively treat their patients.


Simply put, at AIM you can make a positive impact on people’s well­being and also have a career that rewards your commitment to customer service with growth and opportunity.


What Do We Look For?

When looking at candidates for positions in our organization, we seek individuals that are passionate about outstanding client service.


Team Player-We also place a high value on being able to work in a team environment where listening and attention to detail are very important.


Initiative-We have an environment and philosophy that empowers employees to be fully engaged and forward thinking.


Loves Technology-Ok, “loves” might be a bit strong, but curiosity and an interest in technology are important. With continuous advancements in medical imaging, it is important to stay up­to­date with the latest products and developments in diagnostic imaging. Training, dedication, and self­motivation are key to this. Our clients rely on us to be the experts ­ and we are.


We Encourage Military Veterans To Apply-As a Veteran­Owned Small Business, we especially value and encourage veterans to apply. It’s not a slogan or sound bite with AIM. We know first hand that the skills and discipline developed while serving our country also serve to makes veterans great employees in the civilian world too. AIM recognizes the unique strengths and background that veterans bring to the workplace. Come explore the opportunities at AIM, where your service is valued and honored.


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